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To provide integral, value based and quality oriented Higher Education that transforms and empowers young Annites into competent personalities, morally upright,emotionally balanced, and socially responsible. 

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St.Ann's College is committed to:

  • Provide integral, value based, and quality oriented Higher Education to young Annites which leads to holistic growth and development.

  • Empower young Annites, moulding them into competent individuals who are committed to their personal and professional endeavors.

  • Ensure commitment and pursuit of excellence in the Staff.

  • Espouse to become instruments of Providence and signs of Hope to the less privileged through its educative mission, fostering integral and professional growth of young Annites.

  • Lay foundation of an education system that strives toward continuous innovation, initiation, modernization and development.

  • Encourage young Annites to have the vision, courage and dedication in order to become a catalyst for change. 

St.Ann's encourages to go beyond the books. It has prepared us well in advance to face both personal and professional life with courage. I have got a good grounding in electioneering. I have participated for treasurer post in 2nd year of my graduation and the most happiest moment was when I got elected as Treasurer. I shall remain ever grateful to my alma mater and never forget the happy days I spent in the College.

These three years spent at St.Ann's are the memorable days of my life. My college has given me few best buddies and also friendly lecturers who have always given me chance to sharpen my skills . My college has enriched me in many ways and has provided me with necessary tools to enhance my skills.
I am grateful to my College, Principal and lecturers for giving me such good experiences.
Proud to be an Annite.

The most Beautiful phase of my Life is & will always be my 3 years journey as an Annite. From slowly peeping into the Principal's Cabin, to having meetings and sharing my point of views with her; From getting scared to talk to lecturers, to Sharing my problems and loving them the most; From being a Class Representative to being a COLLEGE LEADER;  I’ll always be grateful to my College for making me a "CHAMPION". Proud to be an Annite. 

My journey as an Annite at St.Ann'S  was a perfect blend of joy and hardships. It was the best time in my second home.  I met unique and amazing friends shared  ideas, had fun and laughter. I was just a  person then but now I am  a transformed leader. My College fraternity has boosted my confidence levels- From being a Class Representative to being a COLLEGE LEADER. I owe much to my College, Principal and  Lecturers and my dear buddies.

Potharaju Prathima


NAME, HariPriya Balaji
(B.Sc MSCs  2017-2020)

Vailankanni Safrina David


(B.SC (MECS) 2017-2020)

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