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Computer Labs

Our computer lab provides the students as well as faculty with high bandwidth internet speed thereby making them proficient in keeping themselves abreast of all the advanced technological developments that happen around the world. The college provides a separate well-equipped lab for UG & PG. There are three computer labs (MBA, B. Com, B.Sc.) consisting of 170 computers. B. Com Computer Lab has 60 Computers, B.Sc. Computer lab has 50 Computers (Lenovo Brand) with I3 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 500GB HDD with LED Monitors. MBA lab has 60 Computers with LED monitors and HCL Branded CPUs.  We have 1:1 student-computer ratio, which are connected to LAN with UPS facility. It is fully air-conditioned and is also equipped multimedia and internet facilities. Our College is Wi-Fi Enabled, which helps the students work on their assignments from anywhere in the campus. The computer lab remains open from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.


Electronics Lab

Electronics lab is specious and well equipped with the latest signal generators, oscilloscopes, and digital trainer kits. Students design and test their analog and digital signals using circuits as part of their curriculum. Guidance is provided to the students by an expert faculty. The lab is kept open to enable the students engage themselves in designing /testing the circuits in their leisure hours apart from these hardware kits, simulator software are available in the systems to ensure mathematical results according to the experiment conducted.

The following equipments are provided in the lab:


  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

  • Function Generator

  • Dual Power Supplies

  • DMM with RS232

  • Wide Range of Analog Meters

  • Analog Trainer kits

  • Semiconductor trainer kits

  • 8051 kit, interfacing cables, RS232, RJ45, interfacing keyboard and Power supply

  • 8085 kit, interfacing cables, RS232, RJ45, interfacing keyboard and Power supply

  • IC’s like OP-AMP (741), 555 Timer, BC-107, 108, 545, SMPS, Voltage regulators

  • Various Types of Active-Passive elements and Diodes.

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