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An Inter- Collegiate management meet- Avishkaar 2018 was held on 14 Mar, 2018.  Formal events included “Prasthuthi”-  a paper presentation competition on emerging management topics, “Antha Prerna” – a game conducted by Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar to bring out the entrepreneurial traits in the participants, “Ad-Chakma”,  a  rib-tickling spoof of advertisements, “Nirdeshak”  - an attempt to encourage management students to sharpen their creative skills by shooting  a short film were held. Besides these Formal events, the informal events “Nrithya” and “Kreeda” brought a special flavor to the day with colorful dances and fun- filled Tambola games.
Mr. Sai Kiran Gunda, Founder of Startup Premier League was the Chief Guest to Avishkaar 2K18. Around 100  students from various Colleges the city participated in the Event.  The Event was a grand success in showcasing the knowledge and skills of management Students.

Commerce Euphoria- 2017

Euphoria- 2017 Of the Commerce Department was a One-day Commerce Meet for the undergraduate commerce students of the city. Video ads, Ruchi, Think out Loud, Group Dance, Quiriosity, Comedy Skit, Impressions etc. activities organized gave the students an insight into the practice of commerce thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Exquisits- 2017

A Science meet was organized by the Department of Science. Poster making, Quiz, Word hunt,  Selfie Contest, PPT presentations, Rangoli competitions were conducted not only tested their knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts but also gave them an opportunity for practical application.

Aroma- 2017

Aroma - 2017 was n Inter-College Commerce, Science and Management Meet, organized for the intermediate and undergraduate students.  A number of events like Impromptu, Finance JuJu, HR Honchos, Brand Buzz, Squizwiz, Think Tank, Tunders@trades Rhythm of Footsteps were conducted to explore and exploit the latent talent of young minds. 

Annite Fiesta- 2015

The Alumni of UG and PG College came together for a heartwarming, nostalgic re-union organized as Annite Fiesta-2015  Our accomplished alumni working with firms in different industries, interacted with the students, reminisced their college days, thanked their Alma Mater and shared their views on how to compete and succeed in a chosen career.


Avishkaar-2015 - A Management Meet was organized by the Department of Business Management for the MBA students of Business Schools in Hyderabad, to bring out the inherent talents of the potential young managers. It was a platform to showcase the student's managerial talents and in the process enhance their knowledge through a professional fun-filled experience. The meet comprised Ad Mag, Business Quiz, Paper Presentation, Stock Analysis and Best Manager to ignite the analytical skills and creativity of the students in all areas of management

Rainbow- 2014

Rainbow-2014 was an intercollegiate cultural fest for the undergraduate students of the twin cities. The institution hosted a number of Literary, Cultural, Professional and Gaming events. A day of fun and learning, gave the students an opportunity to present their knowledge, skills and talents and win exciting prizes.

Crystallaire - 2013

​The Journey of thousand miles started with a single step in the year 2013. Crystallaire -2013 was the celebration of the completion of 15 gratifying years of the Under-Graduate College and 10 years of the Post-Graduate College. Our  accomplishments make us  what we are today and the vision for tomorrow keeps us going forward in pursuit of Excellence in the area of Education and the Holistic Development of students.

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