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The Annite Grievance Redressal Cell was constituted to probe into the student grievances. The Grievance Redressal Cell attempts to address genuine problems and complaints of students whatever be the nature of the problem.

The objectives of the Grievance Redressal Cell are:
• To create a platform where students can point out their problems, regarding academic and non academic matters.
• Get suggestions from the students for improvement.
• Take necessary steps for improvement in the light of grievances

1. To hold meeting to solve Students’ academic and administrative problems as and when problems take place.
2. To make space and time available to redress Students' Grievances 
3. To co-ordinate between students and Departments / Sections to redress the grievances.
4. To guide ways and means to the students to redress their problems.

Members of the committee

1. Sr. Emmy, Principal

2. Prof. Y. Sucharita

2. Mrs. K. Sunitha

3. Mrs. Y. Hemalatha

4. Mrs. B.Shilpa

5. Students Council Members

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