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To provide integral, value based and quality oriented Higher Education that transforms and empowers young Annites into competent personalities, morally upright,emotionally balanced, and socially responsible. 

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St.Ann's College is committed to:

  • Provide integral, value based, and quality oriented Higher Education to young Annites which leads to holistic growth and development.

  • Empower young Annites, moulding them into competent individuals who are committed to their personal and professional endeavors.

  • Ensure commitment and pursuit of excellence in the Staff.

  • Espouse to become instruments of Providence and signs of Hope to the less privileged through its educative mission, fostering integral and professional growth of young Annites.

  • Lay foundation of an education system that strives toward continuous innovation, initiation, modernization and development.

  • Encourage young Annites to have the vision, courage and dedication in order to become a catalyst for change. 

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