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Equal opportunity Cell (EOC)

The Equal Opportunity Cell of the College ensures that all the students are treated as equal and attempts to address deep–seated inequalities in our system. The Cell, along with other NGOs promotes awareness on the life and vision of Dr Ambedkar. It gives assurance to physically/partially/challenged/SC/ST students not to be left behind in learning process by paying attention to their special needs and providing them encouragement and support. The Cell works actively to create awareness among the students and encourages them to participate in activities conducted in the College without any discrimination.


  1. To admit students belonging to SC/ST/PWD/Minorities and other weaker sections of the society without discrimination and ensure elimination of social disparities and adequate representation within the campus.

  2. To give more emphasis to the deprived groups for learning and creating space for them to mainstream themselves.

  3. To look into the grievances of the weaker section of society and suggest amicable solution to their problems.

  4. To disseminate the information related to schemes and programmes for the welfare of the socially weaker section of the society.

  5. To organize Workshops/Seminars/Guest lecturers for personality development programmes.

Committee Members (P.G.)

 S.No               Names                              Designation

  1              Dr. Lavanya                           Coordinator

  2              Mrs. Rachel                          Asst. Coordinator

  3              Students Representatives

Committee Members (U.G.)

 S.No               Names                              Designation

  1             Mrs. P. Bhagyasree                Coordinator

  2              Mrs. P.V. Tejasree                   Asst. Coordinator

  3              Mr. C.S.John Paul                  Member

  4              Ms. R. Sujatha                      Member              

  5              Students Representatives

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