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The Alumni Engagement Activities 

The Alumni Association was established in the year 2013 and it functioning well since then.  The seed for this Association was sworn a decade ago, has grown into a tender plant firmly spreading its roots and evolving into a young tree. In the year 201, The Association has been named as Annite Stellae.  
Right from 2013 onwards many Alumni Association Meetings have been organised to bring together students who were a part of the Institution. Recently in the Year 2018, the Association spread its activities to branches of Alumni engagement where ex-students will be called back to the campus to give Guest Lectures, provide Industry interaction to the Outgoing Batch of Students and even help the Placement cell expand its network in the corporate world thereby improving employability opportunities to the students on Campus. So this cell puts in efforts to network with all the Annites who have left the campus but are the real fruits of our college who will spread their sweetness in their own way of giving back to the Institution.

Coordinators : Mrs M. Soujanya, Mrs. Hepzibah, Mrs. K. Sunitha, Mrs. Y. Hemalatha, Dr. DVS Shilpa, Dr. M. Lavanya, Mrs. Saisudha, Mrs. P. Shravani, Ms. K. Divya, Ms. R. Sujatha, and Alumni

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