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STEPS  (Cultural)  CLUB
“Support Talent and Team spirit, Encourage Participation for Sporting Spirit”



Dance competitions to inculcate the habit of understanding and depicting cultural values. Three types of dance competitions are conducted:  Group, Duet, and Solo Dance to the given tune. These competitions bring awareness among the students regarding the importance of time management, team work and a sense of discipline.

Creative Hobbies:

Hair-Style, Flower Arrangement, and Mehendi Competitions encourage the students to think creatively, innovatively differently artistically and traditionally. Diya and Rangoli Competitions are held to encourage students to have new ideas for decoration and develop their creative imaginations.

Star Competition:

Star Competition its main aim is to know the importance of being a role model in every aspect of life, be it personal, family, professional, or society wise.  Students are encouraged to present and show forth noble thoughts and ideologies of their role models.

Ethnic day:

Ethnic day is to celebrate the cultures of different states together on a single day. We all carry different identities represented by what we wear, eat, believe and celebrate. Students wear ethnic attire and represent the culture and tradition of a particular State or Nation during the competition. This event lets the student community come together and celebrate unity in diversity as "One College".  


Students learn to dance with a particular rhythmic pattern to know the nuance of different Indian Traditional dance format. This opportunity is given to Students during the Navaratri Festival.

Moral Skit:

Moral Skit Competition is conducted to develop the art of communication, nurture values, and remove the stage fear from the students

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