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About Us

The department of English is quite distinct because of its inimitable approach of balancing theoretical and practical learning at the core level. In the world of advancement, English plays a prominent role in the overall development of young aspirants. Encouraging the students to realise the effective way of overall usage of language which enables them to actively participate in the activities conducted by the college as “College is the practical ground of practice.”

In the progressive era where innovation has been immense in each and every field, English has also evolved technically. Achieving the International standard is challenging and to make it possible we have to give our best.

English department was established in the year 1998. The students during that time faced a challenge to cope with the ability to grasp and communicate in the modern medium of instruction. In this complex situation, the Department of English took this challenge with strong determination to take away the fear in the students and help them evolve into self-styled individual to face the competition.Type your paragraph here.



  • To advance the awareness of importance of English as a means of international communiqué.

  • Encourage the students to learn speaking, increase the quest for learning, read the writing and write the reading. (LSRW)

  • To make use of present-day technology and assist in research and presentation with critical and creative thinking.

  • To boost the confidence level and eliminate the stage fear of the students through active participation in the class activities.

  • To create an interest in exploring more about the subject apart from the syllabus.

  •  To inculcate healthy competition, whichdevelops enthusiasm about the subject in the students. 

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