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LITERATI  ( Literary ) CLUB
“Literary Intelligentsias’ time to shine”


Song Cum Enactment:

A new initiative taken by the LITERATI CLUB to integrate entertainment with a message. It brings out the potential of the students.  Here the Students’ ability to sing and enact is enhanced. This competition is conducted on 15th August every year with utmost fervour, discipline and a sense of patriotism.


Impromptu speaking is a speech, debate or individual event that involves a five- to eight-minute speech with a characteristically short preparation time of one to seven minutes. This builds self-confidence in the students and the ability to communicate their knowledge about the given topic to the audience.

Hindi Diwas:

“Hindi Diwas”, is celebrated every year. Hindi Department conducts a Quiz competition in Hindi Literature. Apart from this, speeches on the importance Legendary Poets and Writers are delivered to mark this day.

Think Out Loud Considering  important facts in a situation before deciding or doing something is very important. So the English Department conducts a Picture Description contest ‘Think Out Loud’. It helps Students to consider, analyze, think, decide and describe a picture given to them, spontaneously.

Vocabulary knowledge:

To encourage this, “a word” in all the four languages: Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu and English, is displayed with its meaning on the board near the Library.

Future Endeavours:

LITERATI CLUB is planning for some more creative activities like, Debate, Essay-Writing, Group Discussion and Presentation Skill, to inculcate  in the students the importance of (LSRW) listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in all four languages.

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