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About us
The Department of Sanskrit has been an integral part of the College since its inception (1998) and it is proud to serve this language which is considered as the mother of many languages in the world. It is enriched with maximum number of vocabulary through Vedic literature, classical literature, scientific and technical literature, treaties on social sciences, grammar and linguistics, works on poetics etc. published or yet to be brought out. The students show keen interest and curiosity to learn Sanskrit and so, opt for this course every year in great numbers and they do academically well in this course  and achieve excellent result every year. 

To make students aware about the importance of sanskrit as a language. 

  • To give an experience of the spiritual aspects of our culture to students by introducing the rich philosophical literature in the language.

  • To train students in conversational Sanskrit to better their communicative performance.

  • To make them understand and appreciate the beauty of different aspects of this language from its sounds to its rich content so that they feel enthused enough to delve further into it. 

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