CARLO  (Social Service)  CLUB
“A ray of hope”

Outreach Programmes:

Outreach programmes are conducted by the Carlo Club in order to create awareness in the students about their social responsibility. Students every year visit the orphanages, Home for the Disabled, old age homes and even the local poor people and distribute their mite in kind and cash.


A Fete is conducted every year to raise funds for the outreach programs and a get-together for the less fortunate people of our society. It is a way to sow the seeds of compassion in the students and also to cultivate values like kindness and empathy in the young minds.


Every Christmas, the Carlo Club members invite people from orphanages or the Home for the Disabled or old age homes or local poor for a get- together they conduct a few activities to entertain them and distribute prizes to the winners and provide a meal for the invitees.